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Avoiding the January Blues in your workplace

Published on 19th Dec 18

Avoiding the January Blues in your workplace

January is essentially the Monday of the year, with everyone struggling to get back into a routine after the festive period, pockets feeling that bit lighter, and a general sluggishness sets in after overindulging throughout December.

The NHS estimates that one in 15 Britons suffers from ‘January blues’, or seasonal affective disorder (SAD) between September and April – a type of depression brought on by lack of exposure to sunlight during the darker winter months. Though it can feel like there isn’t much to look forward to in January, we’ve found some ways to brighten up the workplace during January.

Make Your Workspace Warmer

Experts say that 21 degrees is the optimal temperature to keep the office, as it’s not so warm that the room becomes stuffy but is cosy enough to keep everyone toasty. Additional lighting throughout the workplace can also help to boost the mood, so adding lamps or fairy lights around the office could make a huge difference.

Healthy snacks

Providing healthy snacks for your staff can nourish the mind and body and is an excellent incentive for people to stick to new year diets. Rather than buying cakes and sweets to boost morale, fruit, nuts and yoghurt are a great alternative to bring in.

Plant inspiration

Beat the Winter blues by adding some green life to your workspace. Office plants provide great benefits year-round and seeing green growth indoors can help boost people’s moods; especially those affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder. Why not invest in a small plant for each person to keep at their desk? Not only will it look sweet, but it will also give people something to smile about as they nurture it and watch it grow!

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