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Keeping employees motivated during the winter

Published on 28th Nov 18

The winter period can be a difficult one in the workplace. Now that the clocks have gone back and there are only a few hours of light each day, some employees may enter and leave work in darkness, which can make it more difficult to keep up a positive attitude...

7 Ways to Build Your Business through Referrals

Published on 30th Oct 18

Without doubt one of the most rewarding and cost-effective ways to generate leads for your business is through a referrals program. When done correctly it has multiple advantages for you and your business.

Business Buddies - Tips for Hiring New Members of Staff

Published on 24th Sep 18

As a Hampshire based business we understand how exciting it can be to be in a position of expanding your team...

Top Tips on Getting the Best From your Team

Published on 29th Aug 18

Have you ever had a boss who was simply going through the motions without much care for anything they did? It was probably an uphill battle to be productive when your leader wasn’t pulling their weight and showing enthusiasm for their role.

Top Tips to Improve your Memory to Become More Organised

Published on 25th Jul 18

Top Tips to Improve your Memory to Become More Organised

Inspired by Ian Dickson’s Blog. Read more about the topic online and other business-related tips at

5 tips on the importance of getting on stage to be successful in business

Published on 27th Jun 18

Standing before a crowd of people may appear to be a daunting thing to do. However, if you are a business which desires to be successful then communicating who you are and what you do in person can support with its progress. Business Buddies highlight 5 points inspired by International Business Speaker and Multi Aw

There are things in business much more important than numbers

Published on 1st Jun 18

Dealing with figures in business is something we all must do. But numbers are not the be all and end all; there are areas in business which are equally, if not more important than numbers.

Support our Chosen Charity The Elizabeth Foundation on Deaf Awareness Week

Published on 18th May 18

Deafness is something which isn’t commonly spoken about – yet it affects around 11 million people across the UK.


Five tips to help when looking to start a new business

Published on 1st May 18

Establishing your own business can be daunting.

How to boost your online business using offline marketing

Published on 1st Apr 18

The opportunities for you to advertise your business and the services it offers are endless. With the digital world developing so rapidly many companies desire to have a growing online presence.


What makes a great decision maker? By Ian Dickson

Published on 1st Mar 18

We are continually making decisions. Sometimes we make good ones, sometimes not so good! Making decisions can be extremely difficult, tiring and stressful.

However, for some it seems to be a breeze and they make great decisions quickly, clearly and successfully.  Here are some tips that

Our Chosen Charities 2018

Published on 1st Feb 18

Being at the heart of our local community and helping where possible is something The Directory Group is driven to do. In previous years, our Chosen Charities scheme has been effective regards raising awareness and money for local organisations.

Five tips for hiring new members of staff

Published on 1st Feb 18

As a Hampshire based business we understand how exciting it can be to be in a position of expanding your team.

Maximising the power of video on social media

Published on 1st Jan 18

Using tools such as Facebook Live and Ripl animations on your social media can boost your business.

New Year’s Resolutions: Don’t let them fail!

Published on 27th Nov 17

 This month’s Business Buddies article comes to you from our good friend and business coach, Ian Dickson...

November Business Buddies

Published on 31st Oct 17

 The business advice that can help you... 

Discovering Beatons Tearooms in Petersfield

Published on 25th Oct 17

 Denise Lloyd, from The Directory Group and Beautiful South Magazine, discovers a new tearooms certain to accommodate high expectations. 

October Business Buddies

Published on 25th Sep 17

 So I hope September has been good to you in business, its normally a funny month with potential customers waiting for children to be back to school before they look to get things sorted within the home – so roll on October I say...

Express FM Interview

Published on 20th Sep 17

 As guest speaker on 93.7 Express FM’s Business Show last week, our MD Denise Lloyd, explains why and how she started The Directory Group and Beautiful South ...

Business Buddies

Published on 29th Aug 17

 As someone who started my business from scratch 12 years ago, I have always understood how difficult it is to run and grow a company, and often how lonely it is too! We have created Business Buddies, with helpful tips and advice on business. Furthermore, we shall also be launching a monthly &lsqu

Direct to the inbox – get your email marketing strategy on target to reach your key audience

Published on 20th Jul 17

Email marketing may seem to have less presence in recent times, yet it continues to evolve and act as a key element in a business’ marketing strategy. 

Social networking – invest in the power of Linkedin

Published on 8th May 17

LinkedIn is known as the world’s largest professional network. Therefore, business owners worldwide are using this powerful tool to create a successful and active business LinkedIn profile alongside other business social networking platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Why less is more with digital marketing

Published on 6th Apr 17

 With digital marketing, often less is more... The use of a few keywords enables you to boost traffic to your website and generate more business enquiries.

The power of video

Published on 22nd Feb 17

 The power of video – how using tools such as Facebook Live and Ripl animations on your social media can boost your small business and complement your marketing… 

Out with the old, in with the new...

Published on 1st Feb 17

 There is always pressure to be better, to reach higher and to achieve business targets. But what better time than the start of the year to truly put a strategy into place to achieve your goals?

Local matters

Published on 23rd Jan 17

 The importance of local advertising and marketing for small to medium-sized businesses to promote your USPs...

Making connections

Published on 30th Dec 16

Networking for any small to medium-sized business is vital.

Investing time in building and maintaining your network will benefit your business in the long run, but patience, perseverance and passion are all key to making it really work for you.

The importance of branding

Published on 12th Dec 16

 Many small business owners are quick to dismiss branding as it is commonly thought of as something that only matters for larger businesses. This however is false. Branding is a marvellous tool which completely forms how people view your company, allowing you to be in almost complete control of the way you are perceived by th

All in good time

Published on 26th Oct 16

As humans, one of our most valuable assets is time. Time wasted is time lost forever, and so for that reason it is so important to ensure you are managing your time effectively, in not only your personal life, but your work one...

Social Media Marketing

Published on 6th Oct 16

In 2012, a survey reported that 54% of small business owners felt they needed serious help with their social media accounts. In 2014 that number dropped 45%. Despite this slight improvement, there is still so much that needs to be done in regard to educating business owners on the importance of creating an online presence, via social media.&

Print is Not Dead

Published on 6th Oct 16

In the age of online marketing and social media, many companies question whether print media has had its day on both a local and national level.

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