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And Relax... (Gardening Tips)

It’s August – the perfect time to enjoy the sunshine in the beauty of your own garden. This is finally time to reap the rewards of all the hard work you have put into your garden this year.

Now is the time to make cuttings of your favourite plants and continue to harvest your fruit and vegetables.

Keep your garden neat and tidy by giving hedges their final trim, deadheading wilting flowers and cutting back any dying leaves. During dry periods, mow the lawn to a higher length to help it retain moisture.

Everyone knows that weeding is boring yet it is vital. Weeds look messy and also use valuable moisture in the ground that your plants need. Weeding is best done on a sunny day, as weeds will dry out and die in the heat.

August is also a great time to take some steps to care for the wildlife. Keep birdbaths and ponds topped up with water. Even allow seed heads to develop on some plants for a source of food for animals.

If you’re feeling super organised, you can even start to build a hedgehog hibernation box in preparation for the winter. Your local hedgehogs would be very appreciative!

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