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Giving baby hedgehogs the best chance of survival

Each year we have a continuous stream of hedgehogs admitted to the hospital. Standard advice surrounding hedgehogs is that if you see one out during the day then it requires specialist help immediately. The exception is, at this time of year, when they may well be a mother hog out gathering food for her litter. In this case, the best course of action is to monitor the animal rather than disturbing it, and see what it is doing, but please do call us for advice if you are worried.

Hedgehogs can produce two litters of young each year; the first are born around May/June and the second litters are born during August/September. We receive many phone calls from members of the public after accidentally disturbing hedgehog nests. If you find a nest of hedgehogs, please do not handle them and avoid putting your scent on them and their nest as this would deter the mother from coming back. The babies’ best chances of survival are with their mother so please do give the mother a chance to attend and monitor the situation for a while.

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