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Hand in hand for the environment

The wisdom passed down from generation to generation is crucial in creating a greener, cleaner planet. When we use traditional methods to prevent food waste, coupled with innovative solutions, we have the power to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Food Waste Action Week, created by WRAP, is the perfect time to combine our grandparents' teachings with new ideas and make a positive impact. You can start helping the environment by simply saving a Surprise Bag and getting creative in the kitchen.


Why not get pickling like your grandmother did, using the veggies you get in your supermarket Surprise Bag? How about adding chopped bruised fruit to melted chocolate to make the fruit bark beloved by little ones?

With each bag, you avoid 2.7kg of CO2e emissions, 810 litres of unnecessary water usage and spare 2.8 m2 of land from being used in vain per year.


Ready to make a difference? Let's do it together


Save a surprise bag

Throughout the week, we'll have some great informative social media posts and videos to help you to make the most of Food Waste Action Week, including a fantastic food-saving recipe in collaboration with our friends at LEON...


Want a sneak peek? You can find the written recipe on the LEON site.

Reducing food waste is the #1 action you can take to help tackle climate change. For more information, click here.

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