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Want To Get Healthier But Have No Idea Where to Start?

Have you ever stepped on the scales and got the shock of your life?  AAargh! I weigh too much! First thought, ‘I need to do something!’ – and then the second thought – ‘I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE TO START!!’

The basic rules of weight loss are calories in and calories out, or ‘eat less and move more’! Sounds simple, the maths is simple but the motivation, the know how and the determination are something else.  Some helpful hints for you


1.        Avoid fad diets, they are short term, hard to stick to and can cause yoyo weight loss and gain

2.        Minimise man made food, 80% of your food should be unprocessed and not out of a packet

3.        Portion control, put less on your plate and if need be go back for seconds

4.        Eat protein with every meal, it keeps you fuller for longer

5.        Calorie count, use an app such as My Fitness Pal to track your food and calories and keep you on track


1.        Choose exercise you enjoy

2.        Aim for at least 3 sessions a week

3.        Variety is the spice of life, do something different each time; it stops the boredom

4.        Try a local Parkrun, only 5km run or walk, children and dogs welcome and a fabulous supportive group of volunteers

5.        Swimming, walking and Pilates are good low impact exercise


1.        Think positive

2.        Visualise where you want to be

3.        Positive affirmations repeated daily can help

4.        If you have a bad day, acknowledge it and move on

5.        Enjoy the journey, the more you enjoy the better the results


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