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My wife gave me a nasty shock recently. And that short sentence isn’t a precursor to a Les Dawson-style joke about her emerging from the bathroom naked.

No, this was something that rocked me to my not inconsiderate core – and what’s more it involved popular TV personality Davina McCall. Ms McCall was advertising her latest fitness DVD – 7 Minute Fit – on TV recently and my wife decided it would be an ideal way to kick-start 2015. Exercise, she opined, was what we both needed in order to keep fit (her) and get fit (me).

So, grasping my new wireless tablet, I logged on to Amazon in order to purchase the said fitness DVD. Grasping my new wireless tablet and logging on to Amazon has been, until the turn of the year, the full extent of my daily exercise, so you can imagine the trepidation with which I approached the task.

And I did so on the back of a faux pas of immense proportions. I informed my wife that I felt 12 quid was a little excessive for a seven-minute DVD, not realising that there would, actually, be more than one seven-minute workout routine included. This sent shivers down my spine – another mild form of exercise I had eschewed until 2015.

My mood lightened, however, when I discovered that Davina’s previous fitness DVD – Fit in 15 (Brand new for 2014) – was available for just a fiver. I like value for money and 15 minutes for £5 works out at 33p per minute, compared to £1.71 per minute on the newer version.

My life, however, continues to be a game of emotional snakes and ladders and, no sooner had I climbed the ladder marked ‘value’ than I was sliding down the snake titled ‘real world’. I had, naively assumed the 15 minutes could be spread out across the week – learning it was a 15-minute routine that could even be done DAILY sent me scurrying for cover.

I’m not beaten though. If Davina has cut her workout from 15 minutes to just seven in 12 months, by my reckoning, in 2018 it should be coming in at something under a minute – and that’s the sort of routine even I could embrace.

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