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I’ve never been what you might call a ‘petrol head’. Cars to me are simply a means for getting from A to B at one’s own leisure – whether B is a holiday cottage or a boring office job. I’ve never been bothered about soft-tops,spoilers, whitewall tyres, wings, exhaustpipe tips, mufflers, bull bars or even gofaster stripes. Though I have been quite impressed by those blue lights under the chassis, which give the effect of something out of Blade Runner. And I’ve never been jealous of anybody’s car … you can see where I’m going with this, can’t you? Until now, that is. Though I’m not exactly envious, I do feel left alone, the awkward relative, like the flatulent uncle who gets sat away from everybody else after Christmas dinner. The reason is simple. I’ve been driving the longest in our family, for 34 years to be precise … and I’m knackered. It was too easy a joke to ignore. So I didn’t. In other words, I’ve held a driving licence for longer than my wife and three boys. For years, the family relied on me to drive them to wherever they needed to go: football matches, school productions, band practice, the barber’s shop, or family gatherings. They were quite happy to sit in my comfortable – reasonably young Ford – as they were chauffeur-driven from this particular A to B. Now, they’ve left me behind. I own the oldest car in the family. The two youngest have new and nearly-new BMWs; the eldest and his mother each have shiny, newish Fiestas. I, on the other hand, still have my trusty eight-year-old Ford C-Max, which is only ever called upon by the family when a) furniture needs moving; b) something needs taking to the tip; or c) when we’re heading off to a family gathering where everybody – except yours truly – takes the opportunity to drink. I blame Clarkson, May and Hammond. Years of watching Top Gear has done this to the boys; they regard cars as must-have, status symbols – like young girlfriends, or a 32-inch waistline. Now I either have to put up with their “are you still driving that old thing?” jibes, or blow my savings on something which will be deemed by all and sundry as a mid-life crisis made flesh. Like I said, I’m not jealous …

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