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The fitted bedroom you deserve

The three biggest mistakes most people make when choosing the fitted bedroom they deserve…

Your bedroom is your personal space - your sanctuary, but when you choose your new fitted bedroom furniture, don’t make the same mistakes many dissatisfied people have made...

Mistake  #1: Modular Design

Many fitted bedrooms are just cheap standard carcasses “shoe-horned” into your space - this might keep things simple for sales people and designers but it could mean your personal space is not properly utilised. Always look for fitted bedroom furniture designed specifically for your room to maximise good use of all the space.

Mistake #2: Too Many People

People choosing their fitted bedrooms get really disgruntled when they have to deal with too many people…the sales man (who specifies), the surveyor (who changes it), the driver (who drops it off) and the fitter (who has to make sense of it all). Talk to a company where the craftsman who fits your wardrobe is the person who knows your needs, helps with the design and pricing, and ensures an integrated solution to build your sanctuary.

Mistake #3: Excessive Discounts

There is an old saying ‘if it sounds too good to be true it is too good to be true’. When you receive a quote and then a huge discount, ask yourself: Was the pricing over-inflated in the first place (and if so, can you trust them)? Is the quality really low and is this all it is worth? You want your fitted bedroom furniture to last, to look good and to feel good. Make sure you get what you pay for and don’t be swayed by sales gimmicks.

Call us at Khristians - we are the local fitted bedroom furniture company with a reputation to live up to. After all, our livelihoods depend on it so we always go above and beyond to meet your needs and deliver your sanctuary.

Khristians, 023 8115 9991,

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