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From stress to success

The stresses and strains of exam season can put both students and parents under huge pressure, but few of us consider how diet and lifestyle impact exam performance…

The right nutrition and exercise plans can energise your mind and body to sustain you through the long revision hours – sharpening your memory, improving concentration and boosting confidence.

Food and drink can have a huge effect on your body and mind. Choose the wrong meals and you can become sluggish and tired, but if you give your brain the right nutrients, you will be able to think quicker, have a better memory and improved concentration.

The key to boosting your brainpower and keeping your brain healthy are nutritious foods, water and oxygen.

Caffeine boost, sugar crash
Always try to stick to natural foods wherever possible, which will keep your energy levels sustained while avoiding a sugar crash. Try to go for more vegetables and good quality protein snacks, and try to avoid drinking energy drinks or high amounts of tea and coffee, as these will only give you a short burst of energy, but will burn out and give you a sugar crash.

Brain booster
Herbal drinks and water hydrate your brain and get it to function at optimum level, delivering nutrients to the brain and eliminating toxins. It is essential for concentration and mental alertness.

Marathon not a sprint…
Many students snack on junk food because they dont’ want to spend lots of time on food preparation, but these quick fixes are just short cuts to failure. A long exam is like a mental marathon, so endurance is crucial and having the right diet is a no-brainer.

Rest and relaxation
Cramming a week’s worth of revision into one night is never a good idea - you’ll get much more benefit from a solid eight hours sleep. Establish a good pre-sleep routine – like an evening dog walk, then a bath, and if possible no blue screen action an hour before you hit the hay.

Body and mind
Exercise can help boost energy levels, clear the mind and relieve stress. Schedule in ‘green breaks’ between study sessions – a cycle ride to a friend’s house, a walk with a family member to a favourite place, or a game of footie in the park.

Tips and advice by local personal trainer and fitness expert Julia Willmott (07786 550873,

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