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Print is Not Dead

Published on 6th Oct 16

In the age of online marketing and social media, many companies question whether print media has had its day on both a local and national level.

Well, here’s the news you’ve all been waiting for: Print is not dead.

Yes, we’ve all heard the stories of doom and gloom – newspapers and magazines forced into closure or redundancies by the decline of print and the rapid rise of digital marketing.

But the truth is, print remains a hugely powerful tool to market your business and win more customers – it’s simply about doing this in the most relevant and effective way for your company.

It is about rethinking and reinvention, as print becomes a part of the wider marketing strategy.

The advertising toolbox

By using print as part of your advertising arsenal, you have the perfect opportunity to express different messages depending upon the medium and target audience.

For example, an estate agent may wish to advertise their current properties in one of TDG’s monthly directories, but also book a social media campaign which focuses instead on their branding and customer service.

This provides a perfect mix of directive and awareness advertising, allowing the estate agent to not only attract potential buyers through showcasing the latest properties on their books, but also landlords and sellers through demonstrating their core values and USPs via the social media campaign.

But this is just one example – whatever industry you’re in, print still plays a vital role in shaping your marketing strategy and winning you more business.

Sticking around

Put simply, you’re quite literally getting your message into the hands of your audience, in a format that they are likely to hold on to and continue to engage with over a much longer period of time than an email or social media post.

With print, the ‘stickiness’ of your message is much higher, as it stays in front of your customers longer, unlike emails or web pages that can easily be clicked past or deleted.

One of the best comparisons is with music, and the resurgence of vinyl. Everyone can download a digital song these days, and the ease and portability have made that a popular and successful format. Yet, many music lovers still appreciate the experience of vinyl.

There’s something special about removing a record from its sleeve, placing it on the turntable, seeing album art at a larger size, and enjoying the higher level of sound quality that vinyl offers.

This is exactly the type of tactile experience you should be aiming to create for customers with your printed materials.

By placing a keepsake item into the hands of your audience, you are engaging them in a much more personal manner than blasting them with an email, and in a way that lets you stand out from your competition.

Personalised and powerful

You know your business, and you know who your customers are and what they like. An effective message will speak to them on a personal level.

But don’t limit your content to just your product or message. Use this format to create something that speaks to their lifestyle and interests, and then show them how your product fits into their life.

Customizing the design is another way to make your printed pieces stand out. The more personalised you can make them, the more powerful they will be. At TDG, we offer a free graphic design service to all our customers, as we recognise the importance and impact of advert design in helping our customers win more business. Ultimately, the design of the advert is essential in conveying your message and values to your target audience.

Finally, a printed piece can always be used to drive your customers to your digital presence. Including your website URL, Facebook page, Twitter handle, and other social media information on printed materials is essential.

Thus, a well-crafted, customised print campaign can win you new customers while enhancing and supporting your digital presence at the same time.

Evolving to the ever-changing marketplace is something we all need to do in business, and it’s no different with your marketing strategy.

Far from fading away, print is here to stay.

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