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The power of video

Published on 22nd Feb 17

The power of video – how using tools such as Facebook Live and Ripl animations on your social media can boost your small business and complement your marketing…

In an ever-changing technical world, it is essential for businesses to use a mix of classic print advertising, and newer social media tools. The ability to be flexible in your marketing approach and use both social media and print complimentarily is key to ensuring your business appeals to a variety of different audiences. One of the newer social media tools is video marketing. With more and more companies using video, if you haven’t already, now is the time to join the social media marketing revolution and upload your videos!

Why video?

Video marketing allows companies to talk about their product and educate the audience as to why they should use their services in a fun, entertaining way without directly selling the product. As a company, you can truly connect with a target audience by challenging their ideas and arousing their emotions through the use of video marketing. This engagement with an audience builds trust that is proven to convert into business.

Video works by planting a seed in the customer’s head – just like print advertising, a customer sees an exciting product and they want it. Videos are able to capture an audience’s attention and hold it for longer than an image, which means your message will be in your audience’s mind for an extended period.

It is also a very powerful marketing tool due to its ability to grab the attention of a wide audience. The use of pictures, music and animation can create simplicity. This means the benefits of your services can be more easily explained to those who might otherwise find it difficult to understand – this applies to both older and younger generations.

How can I make a video?

The app, Ripl, has taken the social media-marketing scene by storm.  It allows individuals to create professional videos for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram through an easy-to-use app.  

According to Ripl, video marketing has been proven to provide the most interaction as audiences can engage through a like, share, comment and follow of a video. As Ripl tracks your audience engagement it is also a great way of recording how well you are interacting with your target audience through your social media marketing. This enables companies to better understand what their audiences like through video marketing and create more of that fun, loved material.  

The team of print and video

It is so important to link your print and video marketing together to create an effective, wide-reaching marketing campaign that uses both directive and awareness advertising. Use the same colour schemes, slogans and company values to ensure your brand image is consistent and builds a trustworthy relationship with the audience.

Whilst video marketing is up and coming, the effectiveness of print advertising should not be forgotten. The physicality of print advertising and the fact your business is quite literally put in the hands of your potential customers through the use of directory advertising or leaflet distribution continues to make it such a powerful tool of marketing.

Potential customers can keep this information for a time they need your services most – think how useful those takeaway restaurant menus are! The ability to distribute your print through the doors of your target audience and dangle your amazing services in front of the customer’s eyes ensures a company can make a personal and powerful engagement with customers. The printed piece can also be used to drive customers to your digital presence, including your video marketing.

Side by side, both print and video marketing are increasingly proving to be a great team in promoting business together.

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