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Enjoy your garden this summer!

With plants growing faster, its important to keep on top of your gardening tasks in July.

As your plants are becoming heavier, make sure to check your trees are tied properly as the girth of the trunk increases to avoid any snapping under weight. Also use a prop to keep any climbing plants upright and ties to supports.

Neaten up your garden by deadheading dying flowers to encourage more flowers over a longer flowering period. If your fruit is ripe, pick it too.

Start collecting seed from plants you wish to grow next year.

As pests love warm weather, be sure to check plants regularly for aphids. Even try to attract beneficial insects that prey on aphids, for example ladybirds, by growing a wider variety of plants.

Continue to mow the lawn weekly. Note that any new areas of grass this year will require more water sprinkling to get them through their first summer.

Many indoor plants benefit from being placed outside on the patio during the summer time, but make sure to prevent any damage made to the leaves from long time exposure.

Finally, don’t forget to take time to sit down, relax and enjoy the wonderful nature and beauty in your garden this month. Happy July!

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