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Paws For Thought - Summer!

Hello everyone, its Barney here!

As it is now summer I thought I would share with you a couple of helpful tips on how to make sure us canines are healthy and happy in the sunny weather.

We get just as hot as humans do, if not hotter because we have so much fur! I like cool water when I’m hot, much like you guys do. On really hot days, you could try putting on a sprinkler in the garden or put a plastic paddling pool in some shade for your dog to splash about in! It’s so much fun, and it keeps us cool!

Obviously we need to stay hydrated in the sun so try to always keep our water bowls clean and filled to the brim.

Did you know that some dogs have to wear sunscreen in the sun? The scientists have made sun cream specially formulated for pets so we don’t get burnt! You should talk to your vet about whether your dog needs it. I don’t because my fur is really light coloured and thick so it reflects the sun before it touches my skin!

Lastly, when it is really really hot you should try to walk us early in the morning or late at night so the temperatures aren’t too high. You should definitely not walk us in the midday sun because it’s just too hot sometimes; we don’t like it at all (even though we are grateful for the walk!).

Anyways enough from me, enjoy the sun and see you next month for more of my ramblings!

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