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The modern treasure hunt suitable for all the family

The modern treasure hunt known by many people as ‘geocaching’ has taken the world by storm. Gone are the days where explorers use a traditional paper map and compass to support with locating an object; the power of technology has substantially changed our approach to the outdoor activity - and it is a hit with families…

Geocaching is an outdoor recreational activity, in which participants use their mobile device, Global Positioning System (GPS) or any other navigational methods to hide and seek containers.

The capsules, known as ‘geocaches’ or ‘caches’ may be found at specific locations marked by coordinates all over the world. Participants will choose a coordinate pinpointing a location in which they wish to explore with the objective of finding the cache. Once uncovered, most of the ‘treasures’ have a scroll in which you can see a list of names of all those who have been on the same adventure as you. The intention is for you to write your name on to the scroll, pop it back into the capsule, and place to where you originally found it for another person to discover.

Not all geocaches will have a scroll within them. Some may have an activity and others have been known to include something of sentimental value.

The number of smartphones being regularly used is expected to rise to 2.5 billion by the end of 2019. The popularity by Brits is in the hundreds of thousands.

So why are so many people embracing this contemporary treasure hunt? It’s simple. It is fun. Geocaching is an outdoor activity which can be used by the whole family across the region. From city streets to the countryside, the adventure of uncovering a capsule is endless. Portsmouth, for example, has geocaches on most street corners. As for the more rural areas, such as the South Downs, they may be less frequent but are around!

Try the outdoor challenge and become a part of the community of people enjoying the activity. If your preference is to keep your treasure hunt traditional, then go for it! 

Numerous geocaching programmes can be found on the application store for most common smartphone devices. Download your app and join the conversation online, using #Geocaching.

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