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We're a nation of perfectionists when it comes to our national beverage

The average Brit endures a staggering 9,828 disappointing cups of tea in their lifetime – nearly 10% of total cups - according to a new survey carried out by Clipper Teas ahead of National Tea Day on Saturday. 

12% of people said they would rather be sworn at than receive a disappointing brew

  • People in Belfast and Bristol drink the most cups of tea – an average of 5 a day
  • People in Cambridge suffer the most disappointing cups of tea with 37.5% of their weekly cups being underrated
  • People in London and Cardiff remain irritated by a substandard cup of tea for an average of 10 minutes, more than three times as long as those in Liverpool  (3 minutes)
  • Londoners feel genuinely insulted by a bad cup of tea
  • People in Oxford feel positively angry about a bad cup of tea
  • One in twenty say their day is totally ruined if it starts with a bad cup of tea.
  • The biggest tea related grumble the nation has is if it is too weak (36%)



  1. Too weak                                                                                                                     36 percent
  2. Luke-warm                                                                                                                 35 percent
  3. Too milky                                                                                                                     30 percent
  4. The teabag has not been in for long enough                                                 26 percent
  5. The mug has not been washed properly                                                         25 per cent
  6. It has the incorrect amount of milk                                                                   21 per cent
  7. The cup is half empty                                                                                             20 per cent
  8. The cup is half full                                                                                                    18 per cent
  9. Too strong                                                                                                                   18 per cent
  10. The teabag was left in too long                                                                           18 per cent
  11. The milk was put in before the tea                                                                    18 per cent
  12. Someone rushed the process                                                                             16 per cent
  13. Not enough sugar or sweetener was in it                                                       15 per cent
  14. There are tea stains down the cup                                                                    14 per cent
  15. Not milky enough                                                                                                    14 per cent
  16. The mug is chipped                                                                                                 13 per cent
  17. The wrong type of milk                                                                                          11 per cent
  18. They gave you sugar/sweetener when you don’t take it                          11 per cent

Adele Ward, Brand Controller at Clipper said: “This survey reveals what we’ve always known about Great Britain: we’re a nation of tea lovers who care how our tea is made! At Clipper we’re dedicated to creating tea that’s always full of flavour whilst using all-natural ingredients and working fairly with all our partners (a clear conscience tastes good too!). We think there’s no excuse for disappointing those you care about, and National Tea Day is the ideal time to improve relationships with family, friends and work colleagues; by serving them an amazing cup of Clipper tea!”

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