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Play your part in making Hampshire plastic free!

We’ve all seen the headlines about the huge problems single-use plastics are having on the environment. People across the nation are continually being urged to act against the use of the synthetic material.

Plastic straws, bags, bottles, cutlery, the list is endless!

But what is the campaigning all about?

Around 8 million tonnes of plastic are poured into the ocean every year. These are broken down into extremely small pieces of plastic debris known as microplastics.

Microplastics pollute the environment as a result from the disposal and breakdown of consumer products and industrial waste. This is harmful to wildlife, the environment, and potentially us.

By working to reduce the use of single-use plastics we are steadily protecting our environment.

Locally, voluntary groups are having a huge impact on the attitude people are having towards their use of plastic.

The Final Straw Solent, now working with more than 100 local businesses, are doing an excellent job at making them fight against the use of single-use plastics.

Port Solent have pledged to swap plastic for paper, businesses in Emsworth have replaced plastic bags for environmentally friendly carriers, and Havant Borough Council are encouraging residents to make swaps.

Bianca Carr, head volunteer at The Final Straw Solent, says working with local people will help the group achieve its goals.

She said: “Collaborating with local businesses such as Port Solent will be incredibly successful and will help us to achieve our goals of one day making the Solent area, at the very least, free from single-use plastic straws.”

Playing your part in making the Solent area plastic free can be achieved simply by making some straightforward swaps; replace your plastic water bottles for reusable materials; decline straws when offered – unless there is a paper alternative; avoid excessive food packaging, for example, purchase loose vegetables.

For more information on The Final Straw Solent, see their website:

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