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Hart Wildlife advises on Hoglets

Hedgehogs can produce two litters of young each year; the first are born around May/June and the second are born during August/September. Babies are born defenceless with their eyes and ears closed; no fur and initially no spines making them totally dependent on their mum.

We take in many abandoned or orphaned youngsters at the hospital. Newly born hoglets need feeding every two to three hours, and will often spend the night with one of our volunteers who will ensure they are fed through the night.

If you disturb a nest and cannot repair the damage, please gather the family up together and bring them HART. It is important not to touch the babies with your bare hands as the scent may lead the mother to reject the babies. If you disturb a nest and there is no mother present then initially try putting everything back as it was and wait to see if mum arrives. It may be necessary to act quickly and pick up the babies but please ring for advice before taking this course of action.

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